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A partnership with AC is just good business.


For 25 years, Argento Construction has been providing high quality construction services, specializing in the management of commercial, industrial, institutional and residential projects in Montreal and its surroundings. In addition, we offer constant support to all our customers throughout the design process.


At Argento Construction, our dedication to superior quality and exceeding customer expectations lays the foundation for trust. Our passion drives us, valuing teamwork, individual respect, environmental responsibility, and innovation. This commitment and efficiency distinguish us as industry leaders. We prioritize work quality, rigorous organization, and job site safety, enabling our clients to execute their projects with absolute peace of mind.

Our unwavering dedication to our clientele, coupled with our efficiency, establishes us as a vanguard in our field. We firmly place the highest emphasis on quality of work, meticulous organization, and stringent safety protocols on our construction sites. These are not just our priorities, but they are the guiding principles that shape every facet of our operations. By adhering to these core values, we ensure our clients can carry out their projects with peace of mind, knowing they are in expert hands.

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